Human Resources

Does everyone at your company have an employment contract? Do you know unequivocally whether the law classifies them as an employee or an independent contractor regardless of what you may think or hope they are? Do you have an employee handbook? Is it hundreds of pages of legalese which is nearly impossible to process, let alone understand? How are you tracking and documenting holidays, sick leave and employee job descriptions and reviews? Or bonus practices? Do you have a proper grievance procedure in place? There are a myriad of other Human Resources issues your company may never have even contemplated, any number of which might cause significant damage to your company should an employee become disgruntled.

A human resources audit by Motion Paradox can uncover any potential issues that exist. We can then create, improve or streamline your HR policies and practices (including your recruitment processes), to ensure greater efficiency, integrate more comprehensive protection for your company and increase the sense of enfranchisement amongst your employees.

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Sustained business growth and success hinges on identifying, recruiting and retaining top talent.

Motion Paradox can establish performance management processes that include salary benchmarking, pay rises, and bonuses that lead to increased employee satisfaction and incentives to help you hire and retain top talent.