Our Values

Our values are the core principles of Motion Paradox. They represent who we are and how we conduct ourselves, and they are usually shared by the clients we serve. We’re entrepreneurs at heart ourselves, which means we share the same optimism and passion as our clients. We’re professionals to the core, but we also want you to enjoy working with us. We know our stuff, but we’re not stuffed shirts.

We believe in acting, not reacting. We don’t just respond to problems, we prevent them from happening.

We remain agile, so we can help you adapt to change without losing sight of the bigger picture.

We are open-minded. Like you, we welcome new ideas and challenge the status quo.

We’re candid because your time is valuable. We help you use it wisely.

Our Shared Culture and Values Achieve Excellence and Success

The Team

Nicole Slayton Hogan, CEO

Nicole leads Motion Paradox in helping entrepreneurial companies grow and scale strategically rather than opportunistically, without sacrificing flexibility.


Katherine Birkinshaw, COO

In addition to overseeing daily operations, Katherine specializes in the commercial side of business, such as creating value, maximising growth, improving business performance and strategic management.


Eamonn Hogan, Chief Compliance Officer

Eamonn analyses our clients' risk areas with the intention of allowing them to cut legal costs by avoiding high cost areas such as court proceedings.


Eva Wong, Director of Legal and Business Affairs

Eva ensures that clients receive commercially focused legal advice that is appropriate for their organization, and she builds trusted advisory relationships that assist companies in growing to the scale they desire. 


Thiara de la Morandière, Associate Manager, Legal and Business Affairs

Raised in Paris and Brussels, Thiara is a French-Japanese citizen who thrives in the dynamic and multicultural environment London has to offer.


Crumpet, Head of Business Development

Crumpet makes friends and influences people everywhere she goes. She spreads cheer and joy to all those she encounters.


Join Us

Join a winning team of experienced corporate lawyers. Motion Paradox is a fast-growing, industry disruptive firm, with offices in Central London and Los Angeles. Our mission is to offer strategic business and legal consulting services to start-ups, scale-ups and growing SMEs in a way that is tailored to their needs in each phase of growth.

More than just a law firm, we offer strategic organizational and business consulting services that enable founders, entrepreneurs, and their C-suite to focus their time on its highest and best use, without having to worry about the pesky details or firefighting. Their trust in us liberates them to use their time most productively to do the tasks that only they can do.