Your Partners in Progress

Motion Paradox is a team of highly experienced lawyers with the ability and agility to make a real commercial difference for each individual client. We take an imaginative and comprehensive approach to business and legal consulting to help start-ups, scale-ups, and growing SMEs attain long term sustainable growth. We do this by offering our clients straightforward legal advice and by implementing bespoke business strategies.

Solving the
Motion Paradox

Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs need a clear and structured operational and legal strategy in order to successfully grow their businesses. However, some companies grow opportunistically and so fast that they forget to initiate best practices at the beginning, when they should.

This creates the “motion paradox” – growth either stagnates or continues inefficiently. High growth companies become victims of their own success by scaling so quickly that they must slow operations while they implement proper structure and governance.

We Do Our Thing So You
Can Do Yours

Motion Paradox

Are you using your time for its highest and best purpose?

If you’re constantly putting out fires the chances are that you‘re not. That’s where we come in. Motion Paradox liberates you to spend less time firefighting and more time building your business.

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Your External “In-House” Legal Team

Early stage growth companies need operational assistance from day one. However, in order to save money they frequently postpone hiring legal consultants and take a “do-it-yourself” approach, which is a poor value for money strategy. Cutting corners in the short term costs companies significantly in the long term because important protections are sacrificed and the work will eventually need to be redone.

Motion Paradox can help you avoid these circumstances by:

Creating bespoke contracts that will fully protect your company.

Establishing employment policies & practices that benefit both your company and employees.

Ensuring that intellectual property assets are secure and retain value.

Implementing and maintaining best practices in corporate governance and company secretarial.

Identifying and avoiding unnecessary risks to your company.

Mature companies have in-house legal teams that handle these processes and more. But in-house legal teams are expensive. Think of Motion Paradox as the external version of an “in-house” legal team providing you with the robust legal and business advice now, when you need it most. Motion Paradox can offer this at a price almost every growing company can afford. Investing in robust legal and business advice early saves time and money in the long run.

A Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to legal and business consulting and immerse ourselves in your business to help it succeed. It’s not just about knowing the law (although that’s important), but how we apply the law to you, your business, and your industry. It’s about being able to respond to your needs and provide solutions before there is even a problem.

Instead of Saying No, We Discover How

By giving sound, relevant and effective advice, we become partners with our clients and help them grow and succeed. But this relies on us knowing you and thoroughly understanding your business. There are no shortcuts here. We’re never judgmental, and our clients feel free to communicate openly with us. We keep you fully engaged so that you understand the risks and feel comfortable moving forward if you so decide.

A Team-Based Approach

While traditional law firms tend to operate in departmental silos, we take a more agile, less formally structured, team-based approach. Our clients receive the collective wisdom of Motion Paradox as a whole. Our team-based approach ensures that every client benefits from cross disciplinary experience and expertise, and receives a high level of service.

We’re Not Clockwatchers

We work on retainer or on a project basis, eliminating the inhibitions that come with billing by the hour. Our clients feel free to talk and work with us without the worry of time costs. This method of billing enables us to better learn and understand the nuances of your business, so the work we deliver has a deeper relevance and a greater impact on achieving your goals.