Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property protection encompasses the subjects of trade mark, copyright, patents, and trade secrets. Formulating a plan from the outset, before intellectual property is utilised, is critical. Knowing what to protect, when and where is more than half the battle. For example, without addressing trade mark protection with a global view, your company could run afoul of first in use versus first to file jurisdictions, find that a cybersquatting troll is sitting on your internet domain in a foreign country, or that your trade mark faces opposition.

The role that intellectual property protection plays in commercial and employment contracts is oftentimes also overlooked. Our team can create well-drafted and thoroughly negotiated confidentiality clauses in both to protect trade secrets. With employees increasingly working remotely abroad, you can also ensure that your company owns all of the intellectual property created within the course of their employment, and that moral rights are addressed as favourably for the company as each territory allows.

There are countless other methods by which Motion Paradox can aid your company in establishing a thoughtful intellectual property protection regime. 

Intellectual property protection should always be a forethought, never an afterthought.

Intellectual property protection is business critical when seeking investment or divestiture. With brand identity and marketing at a premium, it is essential to ensure that your trade mark protection protocol in particular is well established internationally and diligently maintained.