Legal Drafting & Negotiation

We appreciate that many people believe they can draft a contract without expert guidance. Whether that contract, however, actually protects your company and operates in the way in which it was intended, is another question entirely. Using off the shelf contracts can compromise your company and are unsustainable in the long run. Companies require bespoke contracts and services put in place in order to avoid risk and scale properly.

Contracts also are often presented by opposing parties with claims that they are “non-negotiable” or that “everyone else signs it this way”. Everything is negotiable, yet successful negotiations require nuanced skill and experience. We fight for your best interests every time to achieve the optimal client outcome while ensuring the transaction is workable in practice for all parties.

The Motion Paradox team has years of negotiating experience.

We know how far we can push the boundaries to maximise favourable results without negotiations failing. We’ve done so successfully for all of our clients and we can do the same for you.