Strategic & Operational Consulting

Progressive start-ups require forward-thinking strategic legal and business consultants who enable creativity and agility.  Agility is essential, especially in the start-up sphere, but agility needn’t mean having to sacrifice organisational strategy and operational efficiency. Despite the best of intentions, this may still happen nevertheless. The Motion Paradox team can help. 

Our business consulting strategies better inform decision-making and aid in building a solid foundation upon which to grow. The Motion Paradox approach is filtered through a lens of legal knowledge and experience, which offers its own unique competitive advantage. This distinct approach not only produces tangible, measurable results but also improves performance more cost effectively, with better quality and fewer errors.

Motion Paradox helps companies build the foundations needed to maximise growth.

Structure and best practices are essential ingredients for a company to realise its potential. Having them in place makes a company efficient and will yield long term cost savings.