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Start-up lawyers offering bespoke solutions to lay the solid foundation your business needs for long term, sustainable growth.


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As your partners in progress, you can trust us to put operational best practices in place, structuring your business so that it becomes armoured against risk. Having Motion Paradox in your corner gives you an added level of confidence that can allow you to more easily achieve your company’s long term aims and vision.


Motion Paradox

At Motion Paradox, we take a holistic approach to legal and business consulting. We immerse ourselves into your business to help it succeed. With comprehensive insight into the unique challenges and aspirations of our clients, coupled with years of experience, we can offer unparalleled service and sound advice.


Legal Drafting & Negotiation

Drafting is an art and every contract is unique, even if an initial template may be the same. Which is why it pays in the long term to have an expert team like Motion Paradox behind you.

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Strategic & Operational Consulting

We offer practical solutions, actionable steps, creative problem-solving, and valuable insights all in alignment with your company’s core values and culture.

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Human Resources

The Motion Paradox team can help you audit your human resources procedures to identify and remedy any perils and pitfalls.

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Due Diligence

At some point, you may decide to raise capital, sell a stake in your business or even sell the business as a whole. Any purchaser will no doubt have a lot of questions, and their lawyers will too. Will you be prepared to answer them?

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Risk Analysis

The Motion Paradox team can help analyse your business risks, identify the areas where exposure is high and make recommendations of how to better reduce those risks. Insurance is one way to mitigate risk.

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Corporate Governance & Company Secretarial

Corporate governance and company secretarial work may not sound like the most glamorous or exciting undertaking, but both are essential in order to comply with requirements set by Companies House and HMRC.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property, as much as tangible property, has a value, and often a very high one. Only if it is adequately protected in all jurisdictions where it is to be used, does intellectual property fully realise its value.

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Global Reach

The nature of business is increasingly global and transcends borders. Local regulatory requirements and business customs and practices, however, generally do not. This is where Motion Paradox can help.

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Carry on Carrying over Holiday Entitlement?

What should be your approach to carrying over holiday entitlement now, as we seem to be emerging from the worst of the pandemic? How should employers handle leave ‘carry over’ requests from their workers when what was a public health emergency is being replaced by the prospect of much tougher financial circumstances. A trading environment[...]

August 16th 2022

Co-Founders: What Happens When It Goes Wrong

Every co-founder situation is different, but one common problem, especially in start-ups, is how to handle co-founder disputes which can damage progress or even lead to company failure. The problem isn’t unique, even though it may feel that way to the individuals involved in conflict. Harvard Business School professor Noam Wasserman writes in his book[...]

April 13th 2022

Digitalisation: The Right (to Work and Rent) Solution?

UK employers have a legal obligation to comply with the prevention of illegal working legislation as set out set out in the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006, section 24B of the Immigration Act 1971 and Schedule 6 of the Immigration Act 2016. This legislation requires checks to verify that anyone you employ in the UK has[...]

February 28th 2022